10 smart and simple habits to bring you a better quality of life

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone knows that our urban lifestyles comes at a cost. And it takes much more than money to get things back into balance.

When we live in a city we often lose connection with the natural rhythms of life and nature. We get caught in the buzz of city life and urban trends and often sacrifice our time, freedom, peace and, most importantly, happiness to be the slave of the clock and day-today conveniences.

If you are living a fast paced, demanding lifestyle – chasing the clock and working at life 7 days a week, most likely you can feel it taking a toll on your mental, physical or emotional well-being, you know living like this is not sustainable and it’s time for a change.

This idea may be unfashionable …. but It’s okay to slow down.

If you take a little more time getting things done or going places, you won’t burn out and you’ll see and enjoy so much more.

Life is full of wonderful miracles to be found almost everywhere you look. The problem is that most people walk through it wearing blinders, oblivious of the opportunities to appreciate the world around them.

This world, and you life, offers so many opportunities for a joyful existence.

Here is a simple slideshow  entitled “10 Ideal Habits for a Better Lifestyle” by Namrata Nongpiur, that talks about some small but significant changes in your every day habits that will get you taking actions to improve the overall quality of your life.  The ideas include:

  • Opt for juice over coffee
  • Plant a tree every birthday
  • Ditch your car, once a week
  • Have some ‘Me’ time everyday
  • Sunday= Holiday from gadgets
  • Explore the magic of classical music
  • Do one good deed a day

And I’ll add a bonus idea:
Practice mindfulness and gratitude and you will find that you feel more grounded and connected and daily stresses simply melt away.

You can read the “10 Ideal Habits for a Better Lifestyle” complete  article here.


So what do you think?

What changes would you consider to improve your experience of life? What about the list above, will you put any of them into practice? What would be the most challeng change to make and why?

We would love to hear about any great tips or stories you have to share with others. After all, what works for you might help someone else.

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  1. Great set of tips here to get a break from the aspects of modern life that leave us depleted. My tip would be to turn the TV off unless there’s something on you really want to watch. The silence allows time for more meaningful pursuits such as conversation or reading.

    Joe –

    • Hi Joe, Thank you for contributing to the conversation.
      Yes, I totally agree that the background noise of the TV, and radio train your brain to be busy and in ‘chatter’ mode all the time. This mental chatter makes it much harder for the brain to ‘switch off’ and shift into a beneficial brainwave state that leads to successful meditation practice and other mental pursuits such as studying, reading for pleasure and simple contemplation.

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