6 Essential Lifestyle Newborn Photography Tips for Perfect Pictures

Newborn Photography Tips

Tired of seeing newborn pictures in which the babies are posed on a prop, asleep and isolated? You’re not alone. There’s a growing trend nowadays towards lifestyle pictures, which seek to capture newborns in a much more natural way. Lifestyle newborn photography takes snapshots of newborns in their own home, being tended to by their parents, or doing something completely on their own. It’s more candid and organic, and a lot of parents are taking a liking to it.

So, how can you get in on this adorable trend? Here are some tips – for photographers and parents alike – that can help you take the best lifestyle newborn pictures.


1. Keep the Baby Safe

This should go without saying, but make sure the baby is always comfortable and safe. This means keeping their environment warm and making sure they aren’t left unattended. Don’t place them in any dangerous poses that they would not do naturally. Remember, lifestyle newborn pics are all about capturing what life is like in that exact moment. No fabrication.


2. Use Different Angles

Different angles reveal different stories. Taking pictures from different parts of the room can make a huge difference during the editing session. Most of the time, photographers will discover the perfect image that they may not have even noticed during the live shoot. The more angles, the better. Go to this website for some of the best tips on newborn photography tips.

3. Photographers and Parents Should Work Together

Taking the perfect pictures is a team effort, and everyone needs to be on board with taking the cutest pictures ever. Parents don’t know what to do when pictures are being taken, and will often ask the photographer for guidance. The best piece of advice parents can receive is to just act naturally with their baby. It’s about interaction, not posing.

4. Plan Outfits

What’s most important is that parents and babies wear whatever feels comfortable to them. However, a few suggestions can help reflect the appropriate lighting and color balance that a picture needs to be perfect. This includes:

  • Flowing dresses
  • Pastel or neutral colors
  • No black outfits
  • No outfits with patterns

A baby’s visual world needs to be muted and simple so that they aren’t overwhelmed. This is a good rule of thumb to pass on to the parents as well.

5. Don’t Miss the Small Things

It’s never a bad thing to focus on the details. Professional photographers should have high-quality cameras and 50-85mm lenses that can zoom in really well. They can be used to focus on tiny details. Parents gush over even the smallest detail on their newborn baby, so make sure that moment is captured forever. Everything from their little nose to their little toes will be treasured.

6. Tell the Story

Capturing lifestyle moments is about telling the baby’s story. What is the baby’s life like at home? What tender moments do the parents share with the baby throughout the day? Any loving parent naturally puts a lot of love and care into every part of a baby’s life, even when it comes to decorating the nursery. Those parts of the journey should be captured as well.


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