Chakra Balancing- How to charge up your energy body batteries

Why Is Chakra Clearing Important?    

Chakras are centres within our body’s physical, and etheric energy fields. They are the portals or gates through which Life Force flows in and out of our being. These vital energy centers are sensitive to energy and often become clogged with residues from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disturbances and traumas.

Any build-up of residue will interrupt the natural flow of the chakra. It may get slowed down or even blocked. When this happens, there is a knock on effect throughout your body, which is likely to have a negative effect on the organs and cells of the body to the chakra. This also affects our emotions, thoughts, the quality of our outlook, and wellbeing.

When negative energy is held, or lodged within a chakra, we can feel stuck or constricted in certain areas of our life. Chakra balancing is the perfect way to make sure your bodies energy system is running optimally!

Here’s a quick meditation for checking each of your Chakras!

Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. You may play meditation music if you like. Start by taking 3 large breaths. Let each breath be bigger and let your shoulders drop further down on each exhale. Breath normally as you allow your mind to clear. Now mentally tune into your Chakra system

1) Start at your base chakra.
This chakra is located at the base of your spine. It is associated with your adrenals and its colour is red. This chakra relates to earthly issues, the physical body and financial matters.

When this chakra is blocked, you may not feel completely grounded. You may feel unmotivated. If it’s overactive, you may feel aggressive and hyperactive.

Each of the chakras is like wheels of energy and they can be moving too quickly or too slowly. Think of them as little batteries that keep you powered thru-out the day.

Visulize this chakra and see it as a glowing red disc of light. See it moving. Is it moving too fast or too slow or not at all? Imagine that you can control this spinning disc. If it needs to be spinning faster, imagine grabbing the disc and spinning it a little faster. If it needs to slow down, imagine that you see it spinning slower.

2) Now move up to your navel and imagine the spot two fingers below it.
This is your sacral chakra. It’s related to emotions, desires and creativity. This chakra also relates to sex drive.

If this chakra is overactive, you may feel worried or possessive. If it’s underactive, you might have a lower sexual drive or feel introverted.

This chakra is about enjoying life with passion. See it as an orange glowing disc. Is it spinning too fast or too slow? Speed it up or slow it down until it’s moving at a nice pace.

3) Move up to your Solar Plexus Chakra which is between your navel and rib cage.
This chakra deals with power confidence and self-esteem. This is a major psychic receptor area.

If you feel with your gut and are clairsentient (meaning you feel stuff psychically), then this chakra is an important one for you.

When this chakra is moving correctly, you will feel balanced and confident. When it’s out of whack, you may experience stomach disorders and feel nervous or worried a lot. Picture a bright yellow golden light emanating from this disc. Is it moving at a nice calming speed? If not, imagine yourself moving the disc.

4) The next chakra is your Heart Chakra.
It’s located at your heart and represents compassion, love and joy. This chakra is your centre chakra and it’s your connection to mind, body and spirit.

A balanced heart chakra means that you can transform any past hurts into love. An overactive heart chakra means you have anger and jealousy.

An underactive one leads to feelings of being unloved or lacking compassion for yourself or others. See it as a bright green light. This light disc should be spinning in a nice flowing way. If it isn’t, take some time to move the disc and let your heart open up.

You may experience some tears of joy or sadness as this disc moves. Let yourself feel those feelings and love yourself for performing this act of compassion.

5) Now come up to the Throat Chakra.
The throat chakra is located at your throat and it is associated with communication and sounds.

Have you been clearing your throat a lot or get sore throats? That’s a sign that your throat chakra needs some work. Your throat chakra is more balanced when you are able to speak your truth clearly.

When it’s underactive, you resist change and don’t speak your mind. When it’s overactive, you may speak aggressively towards others. See this chakra as a bright light blue spinning disc. Is it moving fast or slow or not at all. You know what to do to get it moving right!

6) Make your way up to the Third Eye chakra located between your eyebrows.
This chakra deals with clairvoyance (or being able to “see” psychically).

If this chakra isn’t moving fast enough, you may feel scared to move forward or come into your own. If it’s moving too fast, you might be worrying too much or get headaches.

Meditating, exercising and breathing can help balance this chakra. See it as a glowing indigo colour. Look at the disc and watch it move. Is it moving fast or slow? Give it a little push or slow it down if it needs it.

7) The final chakra is your Crown Chakra located at the top of the head.
This is your link to your higher self. It’s your connection to your spiritual wisdom. Positive energy enters thru your crown chakra and energises you when this chakra is balanced.

When this chakra is not flowing right, you can feel depressed, unhappy, disconnected, and blocked from inspiration. Yoga, meditation, and breath work are great for opening up your crown chakra.

Picture a bright violet light rotating right at the top of your head. This light should be glowing brightly. If you see that your crown chakra disc is spinning slowly, then give it a push. If it’s moving too fast, then take some deep relaxing breaths and feel it slow down.

As you balance each of your chakras, it’s like you’re charging up your energy batteries. When they are moving in a balanced way, you should feel like your entire being is glowing. You can do a quick check-up of your chakras when you lie in bed at night or while standing in the shower. Take a look at how brightly your chakras are glowing… if they seem dim, then give them a little spin!

Author’s Bio:
Mandy Hall is a gifted intuitive and medium who has been very open about seeing the “other side” since the age of 5. She trained under world-renowned psychic Sonia Choquette in the Six-Sensory® program and best-selling author Doreen Virtue in the Angel Therapy Practitioner® series and now assists people with reconnecting with their deceased loved ones so that they may receive messages of love and reassurance that they are safe.

Mandy is the founder of the website,, which is a site dedicated to providing practical information and guidance to help people live a happier, connected, more fulfilling life. The mission of the site is to help people reconnect with their spirit so that they can learn to hear their inner voice and find more JOY!


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  1. Great post. I like to do a chakra meditation everyday.
    It only takes minutes and for something so important I can’t
    image not doing it. The good feeling of balanced and clean
    chakras is unparalleled.

  2. I’ve never even meditated before, but I want to start. I’ve been feeling down a lot lately and I think this will help. But I’m worried I won’t be ableto “see” my chakras. How will I know if they are moving too slow or too fast if I can’t see them?

    • Hi Alanna. Thank you for your question. Visualization is a bit like daydreaming. You see, or imagine a picture or movie in your mind.

      What makes Visualization powerful is the intention behind it. So, to meditate or visualize your chakras (one at a time) and balance each one you may want to say the following statement for each chakra. “Heal, and energize my (name of chakra) and bring it into perfect vibration and balance now. Thank you”.

      Your energy field is intelligent and will know exactly what is right for you at any given time. You might find this article useful:

      • Hello Maya, I have started the new year with your advice of meditation and balancing my chakras. After the meditation of balancing my chakras I feel very relaxed and yesterday I wanted to stay a bit longer in my meditation. This is what I will try to do now,, do you have any suggestion on how to stay longer in meditation?

        • Hey Carine.
          It’s great to hear that you found my advice helpful and that you are enjoying the benefits of meditation and balancing your chakras. To answer your question, there are a couple of methods you can try to extend your meditation practice.

          One suggestion is to set a timer for your meditation and gradually increase the time in small increments as you become more comfortable. This can help you build up your stamina and gradually increase the duration of your meditation.

          Another technique you can try is to focus on your breath, and when you notice your mind starting to wander, bring your attention back to your breath. This can help you stay present and in the moment, which can lead to a more extended meditation practice.

          Finally, you may want to try out guided meditations, these can help you stay focused and present during your practice. Many apps and websites offer free guided meditations that you can try.

          I hope these suggestions are helpful, and I wish you continued success in your meditation journey.

  3. Thank you Tim, we love it when we get feedback about our posts.

  4. Abhishek Mahotra

    nice post on chakras!!
    I hav tried these exercises. …. but I don’t know is my root chakra is open!
    how much time will it take to open these chakras??



  6. Thank you for summarizing the Chakras! I definitely understand them better, and have a few ideas of what’s been going on with me now. :). I’ve been working on cleansing my chakras for just over a year now. I have heard that Paul Chek’s “Zone Exercises”. Different movements (exercises) compliment each chakra. Do you know of them and what do you think?

  7. Greetings Friends,
    THANK YOU for eluding me to a more definitive, practical and applicable focus on the 7 Chakras. One of the topics of my home “Circle of Wisdom” group is Chakras. Having searched the web sites for more appropriate encouraging information on this topic – you have encapsulated a necessary stimulus towards encouraging the group – all aged 50 and more, towards understanding this topic. There is more that could be said – however, importantly thank you for your presentation of this topic for “beginners.” Isn’t this what we all are …all the time!
    Philip, Tasmania, Australia

  8. Vikhyati Gulati

    Hello, How r u !! Thanks a million ton 4 all the details about 7 chakras …Im into real estate business in new delhi ,India. The real problem dat i face is that whenever a project comes to me(which can give me huge profits) & I start working on dem also, but at time of finalizing things fall off & everything ends. Its getting very repetitive since quite a few months now .Can My own chakra cleaning help me get rid of this issue coz dis is making me de-motivated as well & results seems impossible. Kindly suggest what needs 2b done so i completely overcome dis & please mail me on my personal ID that ive given THANK U..
    Deepest regards & Great Love

  9. Chakra Yog is a platform for the spiritual upliftment of people, a panacea for all your maladies and a spiritual guide for those who wish to rise above the cycle of failures, fears, diseases, lacking, poor relationships and stress. Using the Vedic knowledge and wisdom, at Chakra Yog, guide people on a path of holistic health, success, prosperity and finally spiritual enlightenment.

  10. I am so happy to have found this blog. Your confidence and drive to educate readers to love and embrace themselves is inspiring..

  11. It’s awesome to pay a quick visit this website and reading the views of all
    mates on the topic of this post, while I am also zealous of getting

  12. I am very very new to all this stuff and have noticed visualization seems to be a key component. Now my guestion here is, what if you can’t visualize, anything? I can think and imagine but cannot actually see anything when I close my eyes, just blackness. Every once in awhile I can see swrills of lights, sometimes its different colors, but that’s about it. I was wondering if there are any techniques that could help me on my journey?

  13. Interesting, but until i master the skill of appropriately arriving at the art of managing, chakra balanced energy levels it will be a dream. I hv been into some small time yoga, mudra practise and am a normal healthy person with ailments that a person my age (65 yrs) suffers or often lives thru, emotionally balanced, happy.

    Thanx for this site, it is encouraging.

    Om Tat Sat

  14. Many thanks for this wonderful post .I just tried it a half hour ago and felt wonderful.But,I’m afraid,the feeling doesn’t last for very long.or is it because I didn’t energise it long enough? Do I do this every day to witness a marked difference ? Do guide me please.
    Lots of love and God bless

  15. Im afraid that someone will have a negtive thought on me and the unvirse can fullfil this so a strong aura.can protect us?

  16. nice article. This helps me.

  17. I have done reiki level 3. But after going through your article about chakras O feel I need to know more chakras cleaning,charging and to know the correct speed of all chakras. So kindly help me about this.
    Thank you Thank you. Thank you


  18. Chevas le Chevasen

    Hi i have this issue. There are times where I feel like theŕe is an energy surge betwèen the eyebrows. I usually close my eyes when it happens and touch the spot where i feel the highest surge. What actually helps is taking a walk. What i would like to understand is the cause and a corrective measure of channelling that surge.

  19. id I true that alcohol blocks and closes your chakra point ? I feel them extremely slow if I ever consume alcohol.
    thanks amazing post ..

  20. Pastor & Minister :JC Alatorre

    Greetings to all my brothers and sisters.I for once have found that in order to move on and go on thru this life one must learn to let go. By that I meant to forgive one another. Been humble and appreciate life to the fullest of it”s beauty. Communicate with your body and spirit daily.

  21. I never thought about this before. This Chakra in my throat is my problem I think. It’s been a price to say what I want. I have fear here. Sometimes I think I am losing myself. My brain shuts down. I resally need help to oepn this chakra.

  22. Hello . Thanks for the good articles you publish about Chakra. I really enjoy it

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