What to Do if You’re Scared of Change

Why is it that so many of us have difficulty in dealing with change?

For sure, it’s normal to experience stress when faced with unknown situations. Yet we need to learn new things not only to survive, but also to live a full and meaningful life. After all, the truth is that without change all life stultifies and dies.

It is an every day fact of life that change feeds our growth and our progress. We have been changing since the day we were born. We even changed while in our mother’s womb didn’t we. Yet now, when faced with change, almost without exception most people resist it.

Perhaps we fear change (even desired change) because it’s associated with loss and feelings of insecurity.

Change is absolutely necessary for the growth of our personal and professional lives. We can not possibly be the person that we are destined to be by staying the same or resisting maturity. So whats to be done about it?

Don’t fear change, fear remaining the same.

In this 5 minute video, Pastor Renato Cardoso explains how change happens and suggests ways to rally your emotions (including anger) to bring about a positive difference in both your life and the lives of others.



What do you think?

Do you agree with Pastor Cardoso’s perspectives?  Is there anything you want to add?

Have you had a personal loss in your family or work? Have you experienced your job being eliminated. Have you felt you lost out because the goal posts have been moved in some area of your life? Have other people’s goals or rules evolved and you are now expected to modify the way you do things?

My take on this is that how you fare in life is as much about how you choose to look at and deal with change as it is about the altered circumstances you are facing.  In the post “What To Do When Times Get Tough” we discuss how change is often an opportunity in disguise. We would love to hear your views and ideas too.

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