The Difinitive Guide To Increasing Your Mind Power

You may be fascinated to know that scientific studies have discovered that the average person uses only a small fraction of their mind power, as little as 5% – 10%.

That’s all. Just think, if everything you are and have ever achieved, you did it with only 5% of your mind power, imagine what you might be able to accomplish if you learnt to use a tiny fraction more of your mind power.

With that thought in mind, isn’t it time to learn the truth behind super mind power techniques?

What is what mind power?

Mind power is such a misunderstood topic that it’s not surprising that many people have a lot of misconceptions about it. There’s a lot of misinformation & urban legends out there in literature and in across the web that keeps people in the dark.

Mind power is quite simply about harnessing the power of thought – using your thoughts and beliefs – and the energy they create – to change and design your life.

In its broadest sense, mind power goes beyond the simplicity of positive thinking, mantras and affirmations. I wouldn’t dismiss them though as all these positive thinking techniques do play a significant role in helping people to develop a more focused and effective mind power.

Taking it one step further, mind power involves tapping into the power of your conscious and subconscious mind to:

  1. Bring about a change in your circumstances (or manifest your reality if you like)
  2. Utilising your brain waves to get into the most productive and optimal state of mind to achieve your goals.

When used to its fullest extent it is about understanding the best ways to spring clean your mind of negative, self-defeating and dis- empowering thoughts and ideas. At the same time, you are learning how to plant and nurture new attitudes and thought patterns. This allows you to naturally take the right actions and best actions to achieve your goals.

This simple process of clearing up and re-seeding your mind is the great secret behind the teachings of many spiritual teachers, eastern philosophies and mind power techniques. In fact, many self-help and mind power techniques are actually based on the same understanding of how the mind works.

I’m sure you have heard of a number of them; whether it’s brain wave entrainment, Silva Mind Control techniques, subliminal messages, hypnotism, subliminal messages, meditation, creative visualization or even subliminal software, all these self-help mind power techniques are actually quite similar once you understand the core principals of how they work.

So what is the key to mastering your mind power?

The key to understanding core power of the mind and learning how to access and activate lies in understanding and mastering brainwaves.

Despite what many would have your believe, there really is no mystery about it. Quite simply, brainwaves are what mind power is really all about.

What Are Brain Waves?

It is well known that the brain is an electrochemical organ. The electrical power generated by the brain is very limited – you can’t light up a flash bulb with it for instance. As this video explains, the electrical activity emanating from the human brain can be measured and displayed in the form of brainwaves.




Have you ever wondered why some people are always so calm and collected, even when the situation around them is upside-down and chaotic? On the other hand, why is it that other are so excitable even when there’s really nothing to get excited about.

That’s because the way that people react to the situation they are in is entirely controlled by the brainwave patterns that are being produced by their mind at that moment.

Right now in this very second, even as you read these sentences, your brain is sending out electrical impulses through its network of neurons and synapses. These electrical impulses can be measured by a device called an electroencephalograph (EEG), and seen on a monitor as brain wave patterns.

These electrical impulses moving through your brain cells are called a frequency, and that frequency is measured in hertz or cycles per second.


Brain waves


The important thing for you to understand here is that the frequency of your brain waves, moment by moment, actually determines your state of mind, and how you are able to respond to your environment, or how you will react to the situation around you.

There are five categories, or frequency of these brainwaves, ranging from the most active to the least active. Each of these brainwave frequencies generates a different brainwave state and each brainwave state has different benefits.
Image here:

So How Does Brainwave Entrainment Help You?

Well, instead of feeling tired all the time, you can alter your brain waves so that you sense an immediate ‘lift’ and feel more alert. A bit like drinking an espresso but without the associated negative side effects.

If you are one of those people that need to concentrate on a task but get easily distracted, then you can instantly alter your brain waves from Beta to an Alpha frequency, and your thinking will become more steady, clearer and focused.

If you feel mentally wound up and all you want to do is relax, but you can’t stop your brain from racing, all you have to do is change your brain waves from Beta to Theta and as they slow down you will gently unwind, let go of the stress and relax.

Brainwave entrainment, in the form of binaural beats and isochronic tones, helps you to make the best use of your brainwaves. Rather than being at the mercy of your everyday random brainwave patterns, you can take greater control. You can then increase and better your experiences over a range of activities such as learning, problem-solving, athletic performance, driving, meditation and even improve the quality of deep and restful sleep.


The Five Categories of Brainwaves

Beta brainwaves – (14 to 32 Hz alert, focused)
Beta is the most common brain wave pattern: Beta brainwaves are produced when we are wide awake, alert, active and engaged in mental activity, usually involving more the rational, reality-oriented left hemisphere of our brain.

NOTE: Excessive Beta brainwaves are also a feature of insomnia

Alpha brainwaves -(7 to 14 Hz relaxed yet aware, meditative)
These are lower frequency waves: The state is generated when our thoughts are really not concentrated and our minds wander freely, or we are in a relaxed state such as meditating or daydreaming.

NOTE: Research has proven thirty minutes a day of Theta meditation can dramatically improve a person’s overall health and well-being. Theta meditation has also been known to result in a reduced need for sleep.

Delta brainwaves – (0.1 to 3.5 Hz deep sleep )
This is the slowest band of waves that our brains produce and they occur when we are in deep, dreamless sleep. These waves are very beneficial for the body which restores and heals itself when in this state.

Gamma brainwaves – (40Hz or higher: zen mind mastery)
Gamma brainwave states are the most rapid in frequency. Gamma has long been considered the brainwave that is able to link and process information from all parts of the brain. It is the frequency that brings with it the ability to process large amounts of information in relatively small amounts of time.

You can find out more about the features and benefits and health benefits of each of the 5 primary brainwave states in Part Two of this Mind Power series:

Part Two: Understanding Brainwaves – The Ultimate Quick Start Guide


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  1. Wonderful brain beats ! my mind feels more creative now and im getting clear ideas. How can i subscribe for updates? Do you have any more products like this? The MP3’s helped me a lot. Thanks for providing a free gift. Brilliant

  2. this article starts with a myth that has been debunked a million times at this point

    “You may be fascinated to know that scientific studies have discovered that the average person uses only a small fraction of their mind power, as little as 5% – 10%.”

    This is false
    We use 100% of the brain , we just don’t use every single part of the brain at the same time

    Here is just one out of hundreds of articles about the subject :

    What IS (or seems to be) true
    Is that at certain points of the day or when we are at rest , we do not use the whole brain and we might go as low as a few percentile or more commonly seen 10 – 20% of our brain at the same time

    What bi-neural beats claim to do , is sync the whole brain or help sync large parts of it for the duration of the audio being heard and sometimes for longer

    With the expectation that with enough listening your brain will learn to do it on its own

    For me , it helped with depression which is awesome on its own
    If all the other “magical” abilities of this beats work too , we should probably start a nation wide program to use this

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