What Is Emotional Fitness & Why Do You Need It?

Yesterday I thought something was a problem. Today I see it as a divine opportunity to stretch myself and progress

While I was writing the post “What To Do When Times Get Tough” I looked for some additional resources to help illustrate the idea of how to find and create opportunity out of adversity.

I came across these videos about emotional fitness by Dr Sylvia Gearing and they got me thinking about why some people thrive in life while other people crumble under pressure.

Like it or not, it’s just a fact that some of us are emotionally stronger than others. Perhaps some of us even have an inherent resilience that helps us handle enormous challenges.

Throughout history, every generation will experience the overwhelming pressures of life. Many will be individual challenges and some with be national, cultural and global.

The danger is that if we are not prepared for life’s knocks we may become overwhelmed. People under pressure can feel fragmented, helpless and unable to cope. An emotionally strong person is resilient, able to gain knowledge and understanding from their struggles and to develop inner resources that help them to recover, grow from the adversity and move forward in a healthful way.

Whether you are naturally emotionally tough or not, the simple fact is that you can develop that capacity just as you would strengthen your body by systematic workouts in the gym. I’ll let Dr Sylvia Gearing explain.


What Is Emotional Fitness?



How To Be Emotionally Fit



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