Zen, How To Develop A Mindful Approach To Life

A lot of people ask me how a mindful zen approach to living helps me accept the changes in my life.

The answer is simple. I constantly find myself “pausing”. Stopping for a mere moment, or a mindful minute, between the busy and chaotic phases of my day.

This video explains the practice of the Zen Pause – better known as one samadhi (one-minute zen meditation)


The “pause” is by far and away the most important thing I have learned from embracing a zen approach to life. It’s powerful because we are all constantly mentally bombarded by every possible detail that our mind can conjure up.

Without the ability to press a mental “pause” we automatically get sucked into whatever stresses, stimulus and emotional tantrums that our mind constructs for us.

When you simply “pause”, you get a moment to choose to respond rather than react.

That for me is the gift of meditation and the gift of zen.

What abut you?

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