Top Tips and Strategies For How To Learn Smarter And Faster

One skill you want to master in this day and age we live in, if you want to
have an extraordinary life,  is the ability to learn rapidly
~ Anthony Robbins

We all know that confusion doesn’t feel good because it seems like an obstacle to learning. Most people will try to avoid feeling confused but I’ve got news for you. Apparently, confusion is a key learning skill that makes you smarter.

How do we know this?

Scientists have been building a body of evidence over the past few years demonstrating that confusion can lead us to learn more efficiently, more deeply and more lastingly. The caveat is that it has to be managed properly.

In this video, Anthony Robbins walks you through tips and strategies that make the best use of ‘confusion phenomena’ and more.


Confusion is natural, it’s part of everyone’s learning journey.

When you step out of the emotional discomfort of not knowing the answer and allow yourself to enjoy being curious and inquisitive,  you get to experience the super-learning benefits of confusion.

So, why is that confusion important in learning?

  • The human brain is a pattern-recognition machine. It evolved to identify and put together related events or memories and generate new understanding.
  • Not knowing how to resolve a problem stimulates a need to figure things out and allows you to explore a wide variety of potential explanations and options.
  • In studies, confusion was found to be the emotional state most commonly followed by an “Aha!” moment of insight and understanding.
  • Exposing yourself to regular bouts of confusion trains your brain to become a super problem-solving machine

In essence, confusion is a form of challenge. It gives us motivation to figure out the riddle and makes you a smarter, faster learner in the process.

Always question, never doubt

My take on this is that problem-solving novices often get quickly disheartened with an excess of confusion,  whereas more experienced learners are likely to thrive.  Like any other skill, problem solving and learning have to be practised before we become proficient.


What do you think?

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