Why Questions Are The Answer To Making Change Easy [video]

In 1987 while I was writing my second personal development book ‘The Hidden Power of Emotional Intuition‘ I had an idea wondering round in my head about how we create and shape our circumstances by what we  what constantly think.

At the time it was clear to me that the human the mind (or brain) was a disorganised melee of memories and constructed ideas all wired up together in no particular order.

Moment by moment, thoughts follow thoughts, bumping into one anther and triggering memories and their associated habits and emotions over and over again. All this with no apparent purpose other than to keep your mind  occupied while it was waiting for an instruction.

You see your mind likes to follow orders. It wants, craves, needs something to do, and when it is allowed to sit fallow and idle, it just gets up to mischief simply by doing what it does naturally.

That is when it occurred to me  that an unfocused or undirected mind was in fact a powerfully and dangerous tool.

The reason I say this is because when left aimless,  it automatically stuffs itself with any number of random thought that pop up – and bingo – like it or not we are off  and away either re-living a past event or caught up in some creative  fantasy.

We end up frittering away our time and energy caught up in the throws of a wild goose chase, following  an well walked mental track  and getting us nowhere fast -and all because  we didn’t take the time to focus our mind on something constructive or life enhancing.

So, what has this to do with CHANGE?  

What is starting a new habit so hard for people?  And how can understanding what happens to an idle mind help you make a hard and fast change to your habits or behaviour, that sticks?

Well, the answer to that  may be linked to in the undirected conversation we are having in our own minds.

This great video by Scout Wilkins explains why asking yourself the right question is the key to absolute success – and asking the wrong question will, time and time again, doom you to failure.


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  1. This certainly answered my monkey mind challenge, thank you!

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