How to overcome overwhelm and find inner calm and peace

Overwhelm is a disturbing feeling of being flooded with more emotion than we can manage. However intense the emotion and anxiety you can learn how to overcome overwhelm and find inner calm and peace once again ~ Maya Mendoza

Life seems to throw lots at us that can throw us off balance. It is how we deal with the effects of these events and difficulties that makes or breaks us. Sadly, some of us do feel swamped and broken by the things we have to live with throughout our lives. But we don’t have to stay in this overwhelmed state. We don’t need to be defeated by the things that hurt or get us down. The strength from within us and the help from others can mend us, no matter how desperate our situations seem.


Overwhelm is a disturbing experience of being flooded with more than we can manage. When we are in shit state there are times when we need to rid ourselves of some pretty powerful emotions and feelings. When we suffer from the symptoms of overwhelm like extreme sadness and persistent anger, they swamp us with feelings that cause great stress. Sometimes we feel we’ve had no choice but to reach for the quickest and easiest way to switch them off. Some people are in good company and can find support and peace with their friends and family. Others have hobbies, passions and interests to distract them. A few feel alone in their despair, and look to alcohol and drugs, thinking this will only be a one-off. Sadly, some people can become addicted or dependent on these substances to help them through their times of trouble.

Once the addiction has taken over their lives, it can be difficult to address and solve. More than ever, it’s necessary to find a good support network, and take time out to work on it. A recovery house may be a good move for some to help them stay clean and stay safe. Strength is found, and life can move forward once again. Alternative coping methods such as Yoga and mindfulness can help a great deal to control the emotions that started the problems.

All of us will experience times of stress and anxiety in our lives. We will all suffer loss and grieve. To overcome overwhelm, reduce your expectations and don’t take on too much anymore. With overwhelm, your thought processes are exaggerated and not as they would usually be. Accept your thoughts may be exceptional and try not to act on them without further consideration over time.

None of us can prevent unpleasant life experiences, but we all need to find healthy ways to help us overcome and grow from what occurs in life. When many negative things occur in a short space of time, we can become very vulnerable to our feelings and find they are taking over each of our waking moments. Understanding that these events are impactful upon us, and recognising that we need some support to get through them, is key.

There are lots of ways to rid ourselves of negativity. Some of us choose to heal while others take meditations. Each of us is unique so there is no right or wrong answer. Find people in your life that bring the best out in you, rather than burdening you with their problems. Make every life experience an opportunity for personal growth, if only in hindsight, to help rid you of lasting negative feelings about it. Feel well!

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