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How to overcome overwhelm and find inner calm and peace

How To Overcome Overwhelm And Find Inner Calm And Peace

Overwhelm is a disturbing feeling of being flooded with more emotion than we can manage. However intense the emotion and anxiety you can learn how to overcome overwhelm and find inner calm and peace once again ~ Maya Mendoza Life seems to throw lots at us that can throw us off balance. It is how we deal with the effects ...
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The Zen Antidote to Hurry And Worry

The Zen Antidote To Hurry And Worry

Hurry Sickness is the birthplace of stress. The greatest misery in life is being in a rush. It’s a miserable way to live because when you are driven to catch up with your ever-growing “to do” list you get locked into the mindset of Hurry Sickness. Symptoms include: always having more to do believing that the sky will fall in if you don’t ...
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Does Mindfulness Meditation Relieve Chronic Inflammation? New Study Reports Its Findings

Mindfulness meditation-based techniques

Mindfulness meditation-based techniques have long been used for stress management and to bring relief to people suffering from the symptoms of chronic pain. Yet to date there have not been many studies that specifically examine the physiological benefits that can be gained from mindfulness practice. Now a study conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Waisman Center ...
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The Power Of Beliefs: How Our Beliefs Change Our Destiny

limiting beliefs

Many of us have beliefs that inhibit our potential. It took me a lot of years to realize that I could actually choose my beliefs about anything and everything, from Spirituality, to family to relationships, children, success and work. Limiting beliefs generally take the form “I can’t do this, or that either”. They hold us in a self made prison ...
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