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The truth about abundance and the Law of Attraction

The truth about abundance and Law of Attraction

You are right here, right now, breathing. Enjoy it. You’ve got nothing to do today except to smile ~ Maya Mendoza Today’s post has been inspired by a gently thought provoking video I came across on Facebook. It questions our perceptions about abundance and asks the question: What is the definition of abundance?   When it comes to ‘having it ...
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The 12 rules for being human

The 12 Rules For Being Human

The great thing about life – The 12 rules for being human the most magnificent thing about being these sentient human beings – is that we have been given the power of choice. ~ Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason I first came across this list “Rules For Being Human” way back in 1992 in a book by Dan Millman, Way ...
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Why Questions Are The Answer To Making Change Easy [video]

questions are the answer

In 1987 while I was writing my second personal development book ‘The Hidden Power of Emotional Intuition‘ I had an idea wondering round in my head about how we create and shape our circumstances by what we  what constantly think. At the time it was clear to me that the human the mind (or brain) was a disorganised melee of ...
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[video] The Beauty Of Life, Gratitude and Happiness With Cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg

Award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg brings us stunning images of nature and talks about his new project, an amazing short film, filled with heart felt wisdom and advice about Life, Gratitude and Happiness. What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts on this short movie? Do you have a story to tell about gratitude, perhaps something good that ...
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Sleep and weight gain: What’s the connection?

Sleep And Weight Gain: What’s The Connection?

The link between sleep, gaining weight and weight loss explained Recent studies have suggested an association between how much sleep you get and how heavy you are. It seems that sleeping less than five — or more than nine hours — a night is likely to increase the size of your waist line. This is a fascinating video by Michael Lucia, M.D. ...
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