Your Thoughts. A Lesson On How To Create Your Best Future with Louise L. Hay

I focus on what I love and thus draw it to me.

It is fair to say that our beliefs, expectations, moods, and assumptions act as perceptual filters that literally colour and shape our world into our unique experience of it. If we think failure we will fail. If we think of lack and worry we will have lack and worry. If we think happy thoughts we will be happier.

Thus it becomes clear that the single biggest challenge facing us is choosing the right thoughts. So how can we better manage the very tangible problems and stress situations that we find ourselves in daily?

This video with the wonderful teacher, author and Louise Hay takes on the subject of how we can create better lives by learning the process of mastering the flow of our thoughts and what we think about.

I leave you with this simple idea:

The power to create a wonderful life is in your own mind. Whatever your circumstances you are ultimately responsible for your own state of being. Your life is what you choose to think of it.

What’s your opinion? Do you agree that your thoughts create your life path? Let’s talk about it.

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  1. A lesson in pma (positive mental attitude)

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