Wedding planning stress? How to use your wedding to strengthen your relationship

Planning your wedding can turn into a highly stressful situation if you aren’t careful. The task may seem overwhelming, with so much to organize. But you can use your wedding to make your relationship stronger, instead of letting it make you both stressed.

How to avoid stress wedding planning stress,

Weddings are a great opportunity for you to work as team and by working together and sharing the load, you can get to know each other even better as you plan this momentous event. You can use your wedding to improve your communication skills and build the foundations for a strong and happy marriage.

Although many people think that the brides is the star of the day… “This is YOUR day” and “All that matters is what YOU want,” In reality,  the groom is just as important, and as you involve guests, you become the hostess of a party. And a good hostess always keeps this in mind.

Give and Take

It’s tempting to think of a wedding as a big day for just half of the couple, usually the bride. But there are two people in a relationship, and both of you are important in equal parts.

Once you’re married, being able to listen to each other and compromise on important decisions is one of the most vital skills you can have.

Whether you’re enthusiastic or you’re indifferent to a lot of the decisions, you should make an effort to balance the influence each of you has. Sometimes you should let your partner have their way and sometimes they should let you make a decision, but developing the skill of compromise is best.

Be careful not to have a “tit for tat” mentality, happy married life is not about about keeping score. Although you want to balance the decision making, you don’t want to foster resentment because it’s “your turn” to get your way.

Learn About Each Other

Use your wedding planning as an opportunity to get to know each other even better. You might think you know each other inside out, but the truth is you will continue to learn about each other through the years.

Perhaps you’ll discover that your bride doesn’t want any of the usual traditions. Or you might find out that your groom thinks buying wedding rings in Houston by Whiteflash is the most important part of the wedding.

After you’re married, taking an interest in each other’s lives and interests is extremely important. Simple things like asking about each other’s day or discussing your hobbies, go a long way. They help to maintain communication and appreciate continually learning about each other.

Present a United Front

Finally, planning your wedding together often puts you up against friends and family who want to have their say.

Make your decisions together and agree to present a united front against unwanted input. It will make you feel like more of a partnership. You should also agree when to listen to others and let them have their say. These skills can be vital throughout your marriage, as you’ll often come up against well-meaning friends and family who want to have their say.

It’s important to support each other and try not to automatically take your friend or family member’s side. Doing so will make your partner feel alienated and like they are less important. Listen to their concerns and make them aware that you consider their input to be valuable.


Now it’s time for your say?

When it comes getting married and planning your special day there  is no shortage of advice. Some will be  helpful, some not so much. We would love to hear about the best tips you were given, and the ones that did not work out so well. So feel free to share your stories about the big day itself, especially the romantic, disastrous and funny ones.

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