The pleasures of pursuing postmenopausal zest

The most powerful force in the world is a
menopausal woman with zest.Margaret Mead

Postmenopausal zest is a phrase coined by anthropologist Margaret Mead. It is a time when we are not concerned about birth control, PMS, painful cramps or other monthly inconveniences. “This”, she says, “is freedom.” It is a stage of life that is free of many encumbrances and full of wonderful possibilities.

We are still young enough to live life to its fullest and enjoy all the good things nature has provided us. During this period a lot of women experience a renewed zest for life, rejuvenated sexual desire, and look for exhilarating new adventures or new beginnings. It is like starting life all over with a better set of rules.

If you haven’t done it before, it is time to take charge of your own health.

Create your zest by paying attention to diet (Oriental women don’t have a word for hot flash) by doing things that make you feel good about yourself, and by learning how to use herbs and natural hormones for hormonal balancing, and essential oils for optimum psychological health and libido.

There are many such natural aids from which to choose. You’ll probably need to experiment a little to find the ones that are the most effective for you.

Pregnenolone is one of the newest hormones to become available and is one of the most versatile. The body easily converts pregnenolone into DHEA, progesterone, and even estrogen and testosterone. The hormone conversion happens on an as-needed basis, and therefore, not likely to cause side effects.

Also, helpful are creams and tinctures that contain wild yam, clary sage, black cohosh, blue cohosh, and fennel.

Give your sex life a boost

Taking new adventures into the bedroom can be as easy as stocking up on sensual oils and therapeutic quality erotic essential oils. Mutual massages with the right blend of aromatic oils can ignite your love life. Get prepared for a romantic evening by taking a geranium and clary sage bath as these two oils are “hormone regulators” and can work on a mental level to harmonise emotions.

Oils that can have a positive effect on sex hormones are rosewood, pine, patchouli, lemon, jasmine, clary sage, and bergamot. Rose and lavender are good because they can relieve stress.

Since the olfactory nerves (the nerves in the nose) are directly connected to the limbic system of the brain, their stimulation by the aroma of essential oils causes immediate, although perhaps subconscious, physical, and emotional responses.

How to get your VaVaVoom back

Within the limbic system resides the regulatory mechanism of our highly sensitive inner life, the core of our being. This part of the brain not only controls our drives of hunger, thirst, and sex, but more subtle responses of emotion, memory, creativity, and intuition as well as reproductive cycles. Here is the origin of our sexuality, the impulse of attraction and aversion, motivation and our moods.

Most postmenopausal women are alarmed when they see a change in one or more of these areas and are anxious to find remedies to reverse these symptoms. Nature has been most generous in providing these.

Remedies without side effects

Olfactory membranes contain millions of nerve endings causing the sense of smell to be the acutest of all senses. Inhaling oils triggers a chain of internal reactions with a wide range of results from the release of endorphins (powerful mood-elevating substances that reduce pain and stimulate sexual feelings) to boosting the immune system.

Smells also cause the release of other neurotransmitters including endorphins which reduces pain, produces pleasant euphoric sensations and creates a feeling of well-being, and serotonin, a relaxing and calming substance.

Accessing the limbic system with oils gives one amazing control over functions of the mind and body. Since most therapeutic grade oils smell good, it is a fun way to put the zest back into your life.

Loss of sexual desire or reduced enthusiasm for life itself can be caused by depression or medical conditions as well as the medications that are prescribed for these conditions. Certain antidepressants, blood pressure lowering drugs, and pain medications can lower sex drive.

Many people have been able to avoid using prescription drugs or at least reduce the dose by using essential oils and herbs. Nutritional supplements that have been enhanced with essential oils to increase absorption by the body are very useful to help avoid problems caused by ageing and to maintain youthful function of all the body’s systems.

The pituitary, also known as the master gland of the endocrine system, is responsible for controlling hormone production of other glands. There is an association between an underactive pituitary gland and a decreased interest in sex.

Natures aphrodisiacs

Essential oils have the ability to stimulate the pituitary gland as well as the hypothalamus. Oils that affect the pituitary and, therefore, are considered an aphrodisiac are clary sage, jasmine, patchouli, and ylang-ylang.

Aphrodisiacs are substances that are capable of enhancing sexual pleasure or sexual desire. Certain essential oils can be considered aphrodisiacs since they have the potential to affect the circulatory, hormonal, and the nervous systems. The best aphrodisiac will impact the brain, since as we said before, this is where the sexual centre is located.

A blend of the erogenous, stimulating or calming, and euphoric essential oils would make a well-rounded aphrodisiac synergy. Jasmine is the most sought after fragrance in the perfume industry because it has a very erogenous effect on humans.

Other oils that have been considered as having aphrodisiac properties are clary sage, black pepper, ginger, fennel, frankincense, geranium, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, patchouli, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang.

Our erotic life is much influenced by odour. Pheromones, hormone-like substances in one’s personal odour, influence partner choice in humans as well as in animals. Since many essential oils contain pheromones, they affect our sensuality. Personal attraction and aversion are always influenced by odour.

Without the ability to smell there would be little attraction. Many people who experience smell disorders also lose interest in sex. Therefore, keeping your sinuses healthy could be the hidden key in creating a healthy sex life.

One of the most important factors in attaining post-menopausal zest is ATTITUDE.

The following is a list of oils that could make you feel like the best time of life is NOW.

For creativity: use clary sage, helichrysum, rose, and rosewood

Depression eliminators:  bergamot, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, lavender, lemon, sandalwood, tangerine, vetiver

Happiness and joy:  bergamot, orange, rose

Love:  juniper, lavender, rose, ylang-ylang

Confidence:  jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, ylang-ylang

Self-esteem – marjoram, patchouli; serenity and tranquillity – bergamot, elemi, ginger, lavender, rose, valerian, Roman chamomile.

Recent research shows that sex can improve your health, strengthen your immune system, and prevent the onset of disease. When your sex life, as well as your energy level, is enhanced by therapeutic aromatherapy can zest be far behind?


Author’s Bio:
Peggy Carey, The “Zest Lady” is an Aromatherapy Instructor, Wellness Expert, and designer of Zest Lady Aroma Pendants™.   Since 1997 she has taken courses in aromatherapy from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, American Institute of Holistic Theology, Young Living Essential Oils, and continues independent study as new research emerges.

Peggy acquired the name “Zest Lady” by teaching anti-aging and total wellness using essential oils through presentations, classes, and articles such as Pursuing Postmenopausal Zest. Visit her main site here

Her unique aromatherapy diffuser pendant design which provides “aromatherapy-on-the-go” is featured in the jewellery section of and can be purchased here.


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