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  1. Hello everyone ! I’m 15 years old and i started to meditate and listen to all kind of binaural beats ! I almost downloaded all of binaural beats ! i want to khow is something bad about it ??

  2. Hi, please, do we have to listen the binaural beat or isochronic low or loud in order to make them work and beneficial? thanks

  3. Hey, I started meditating every morning and evening in silence. When I started revising, I wanted something to *enhance* my learning when I came across the different alpha, beta, theta waves. How can I improve my memory because everything I seem to learn, I simply forget the next day. Also I am so shocked that I started remembering my dreams after listening to a study alpha video on youtube. During the day memories of me as a child (younger than 4) comes to me and I sometimes feel like my brain is making it up because a child cannot remember things that happened at such a young age.

    If only I could remember my notes instead of me as a baby.

  4. HI,
    I READ abour binaral frequency i want to heare alpa & gama music you have please send me and mail me my mobile 9042095367

  5. Can I download Binaural, monaural and Isochronic tones free of cost?

  6. Having difficulty subscribing. Help?

  7. Is this site still supported? I’ve tried a few times to sign up and access the downloads, but the form never completes.

    • Hi Peter!
      We are in the process of revamping the site. Please bear with us for a couple of weeks and we’ll have it all fully functional.

    • Hi Peter. Please subscribe now. Once you sign up and confirm you want to receive email from us tou will an email with a link to download your free binaural beats audios. Thank you for your patience.

  8. I tried to register myself to get the free binaural songs, but it says the website isn’t working.

    • Hi Adrian. Sorry for the trouble subscribing. Our forms are working again now. Please take a moment to subscribe and confirm and you will receive your free binaural beats brain entrainment audios. Thank you for your patience.

  9. Hey Maya (and team?) 🙂

    Thank you very much for the clearly outlined explanations about binaural beats, brainwave states and the benefits of brain entrainment. I’m very much looking forward to putting this into practice!

    I’ve subscribed and my email has been confirmed, but I’m unable to figure out where to access the 5 audios? If you could shoot me a link or direct me to where I need to go, that would be fantastic!

    Thank you very much for this wonderful service 🙂


  10. want to learn more about brainwave entertainment technologies

  11. please send links for binaural beats recordings

  12. I was going over the chakras, i feel like misy of mine are being blocked. Im relatively new to metaphysical but before i got married (which has caused me so much pain) i have excruciating back pains and i cant seem to find my center. I use to be peaceful and living but now im confused, and anxious….crying all the time. I want my chakras to be in alignment and i want to be at peace…please, what do you suggest?

  13. Hello,

    Why is the Fastest way to quickly balance my chakras?
    My headches come and go- neck hurts- feel toxic in my head and neck- – sometimes my lower back hurts- to much had to elaborate on but what is the fastest way to quickly balance it all like within an hour or less please??

    Also I was referred to who trained you Sonia C. to be trained as I was referred To her for my gifts that I don’t fully know how to use, but her cost was way to high and I’m a single mom’ living on my income only- never went further as I couldn’t afford it-
    Went to few helpers who we con artists- so I’m trying to go within and first learn to self balance.

    Just seek a human who is real and knows what to do and can tell me and or train me- to help myself and enable me to help my daughter and i’ She’s 4.

    How can I quickly balance myself?

    Thank you!!!

  14. Hi Maya,
    Am a Brain Research tech and am interested in all things memory boosting with Mindfulness and Entrainment, etc. I cannot register for the audios you are sending free. Is your website updated, as you mentioned it was a WIP? .
    pls. advice. thnx.

    • Hello Sim
      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble registering for the Binaural Beats Audios. Our website is currently being upgraded, which may be causing some technical difficulties. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve these issues and hope to have the registration process running smoothly soon. Please feel free to check back periodically or reach out to us for further assistance. Thank you for your interest in our program.

  15. Hey Marissa, thank you for the comment and the testimonial. We have plans to offer 1 visualisation video a month to subscribers from September 2013. We will keep you posted via email updates.

  16. Thank you for the comment. We are delighted you are getting benefits form the binaural beats audios, and that our PR is working too.

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