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How To Supercharge Your Mental Power, Become Smarter, Faster & Achieve More Than You’ve Ever Dreamed

Today I found an amazing post by peak performance coach, writer and triathlete Phil Drolet. Phil is a passionate believer in our unlimited human potential and he is on a mission to help each one of us unleash that potential – and what it can bring us – into our own lives. In his post aptly titled On Becoming Superhuman: How to Be Smarter, Increase Your ...
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Why Success Always Starts With Failure

Fear of Faliure

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. ~ Robert F. Kennedy Most of us are frightened of failure and ashamed to admit it, but it seems that failure is such an important component in success, that if we are not prepared to face the prospect of it, we simply will not learn to succeed. It’s an ...
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The Scientific Power of Thought – How To Be Better At Everything You Do

How to Use Your Mind to Win

I found this great 3 minute video: It that explains, in simple language and fun animation,  the power of your imagination, how we learn (and can learn faster and better) and why visualisation works.     It seems that your brain loves repetition, practice really does make perfect, and mental rehearsal is a proven and powerful tool to help you become more effective in almost any ...
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37 Fun and Effective Methods to Melt Your Stress Away

No one  is going to deny that we live in very complicated world. Most of us live very busy lives, juggling work and careers with family responsibilities that keep us on out toes, and financial obligations to maintain. Stress  is unavoidable,  it’s caused by many different things and it can be triggered by a huge variety of situations. Some of the most common sources of stress ...
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The Power Of Beliefs: How Our Beliefs Change Our Destiny

limiting beliefs

Many of us have beliefs that inhibit our potential. It took me a lot of years to realize that I could actually choose my beliefs about anything and everything, from Spirituality, to family to relationships, children, success and work. Limiting beliefs generally take the form “I can’t do this, or that either”. They hold us in a self made prison ...
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Meditation plus Water Element Equals Body Cleansing

I have been searching for different meditation techniques around the internet and I came across the article “Using Water to Clear Your Subtle Body”. This is a type of meditation technique in which water is used to help ground and cleans both our physical and energy bodies. The technique is called “Sahaja Yoga Clearance Technique“, or the Foot Soaking [Water Treatment]. I ...
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