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Absolute Proof! How your words and feelings impact your reality

Absolute Proof! How Your Words And Feelings Impact Your Reality

People may hear your words but they feel your attitude ~ John C Maxwell I know for some people it’s still hard to believe that they have to ‘inner power’ to influence (manifest) how their life turns out. Yet, there is scientific and absolute proof that what you think, and how your talk influences what shows up in your life. But ...
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Six simple secrets for living a happy and healthy life

6 Simple Secrets For Living A Happy And Healthy Life

We all want to live a healthy, happy life. However, we don’t always have control over the things that happen to us. Although fate is to thank for many things in life, there are some things you can control each day to ensure you’re healthy and happy. If you make a habit of the following 6 simple things, you’ll have ...
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How To Supercharge Your Mental Power, Become Smarter, Faster & Achieve More Than You’ve Ever Dreamed

Today I found an amazing post by peak performance coach, writer and triathlete Phil Drolet. Phil is a passionate believer in our unlimited human potential and he is on a mission to help each one of us unleash that potential – and what it can bring us – into our own lives. In his post aptly titled On Becoming Superhuman: How to Be Smarter, Increase Your ...
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