How FAT is America? The Shocking Truth [infographic]

How FAT is America?

This might be the first generation where kids are dying at a younger age than their parents and it’s related primarily to the obesity problem ~ Judy Davis How FAT is America? And how much is obesity costing the American people and its economy? A recent study has shown that two-thirds of Americans are over their ideal body weight. This same study has also ...
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Jim Carrey conquers Ego At The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment


Jim Carrey is hilarious, transparent and poignant as he shares his spiritual insights about EGO and entertainment at the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment’s GATE 2 event in Beverly Hills, CA (February 2012). The threefold mission of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment seeks to empower entertainment and media professionals and companies to produce and distribute content that inspires new ...
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Is This The Toughest Most Resilient Man On Earth?

Jason Lewis: expedition 360

Meet Jason Lewis – Environmental Adventurer Jason Lewis was 26, broke and cleaning windows when he and a college friend decided to embark on an adventure around the world using only human power. No engines, planes or no sails allowed. No-one had ever circumnavigated the earth under their own steam before. He set off with fellow adventurer Stevie Smith from ...
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Ulcer Inducing Stomach Bacterium Could Help Combat Obesity

Helicobacter pylori,

The same stomach microbe that experts believe is responsible for ulcers, gastric cancer, and other health issues could also help control a person’s body weight and glucose tolerance, researchers from the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute of Virginia Tech report in a recently-published study. Helicobacter pylori, a microaerophilic bacterium found in the stomach, has been linked to the development of duodenal ulcers and stomach ...
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Injured Dolphin Asks Diver For Help [Awe-Inspiring Video]

Today the British public were treated to an awe-inspiring rescue event between a diver and a wild 8-foot bottlenose dolphin. The video was broadcasted during a BBC breakfast TV show and reported how an underwater camera in Hawaii captured footage of a dolphin who had been snagged and injured in a metal and twine fishing line seemingly asking the diver for help. This ...
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Can you protect yourself from listeria contaminated foods sold in supermarkets and fast food chains

It is apparent that there is an increase in the number of people  being infected by  listeria contaminated foods they have purchased in supermarkets or consumed in fast food chains: Although listeria has been in the again recently it is not the only culprit. Foodborne illness strikes thousands of Americans every year. So what can you so about it?  Is there any proven way that ...
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